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Based solely on creator experience, the jess-ae dream was to create a finely-tuned skin care range that provides exceptional barrier function, with a combination of ingredients from science and nature which exploits the unharnessed power of botanicals for optimal performance on the skin, whilst respecting biodiversity and the environment. In this way, our products represent the best of clean beauty, with strong focus on product safety and sustainability.

Very close attention is paid to securing and utilising supply chains that respect bio-diversity and ecological sustainability, enabling the selection of ingredients which have been produced in an environmentally friendly way, using renewable and biodegradable sources. The range of skin nourishing ingredients used are GMO and gluten free and comply, where possible, with the requirements of ECOCERT & COSMOS “Natural” certification.

The ingredients that are used to create jess-ae body products have excellent safety profiles and the majority of them are derived from botanical sources and are vegan certified. In today’s society, we are consistently conscious of the increased challenges to address the requirements of social responsibility needs, as well as the traditional requirements of performance, cost and safety in use.

The increasing availability of new materials with improved sustainability profiles enables consumers’ to fulfil their desire to buy responsibly and the choice between the planet and performance is no longer a constraint; this impacts significantly on nature, the consumer and, of course, the jess-ae brand. Innovative product development, combined with passion for creating products that make people’s lives more enjoyable, is what drives the jess-ae brand.

About Us - Our Ingredients

Naatium Oleam is derived from plants and converted to high purity, water-white oil, using an advanced patented biotechnology platform. 

This unique, biodegradable, multifunctional ingredient was used to simplify our formulation designs, which resulted in fewer processing steps, so contributing to the use of less energy and providing the best environmental footprint and performance, whilst still offering sensory textures with multifunctional efficacy that everyone, even children, can use. Naatium Oleam locks in moisture just where you need to and assists in keeping the skin moisturised and hydrated.

Isosorbide Dicaprylate is produced using a “green”, environmentally friendly manufacturing process, and is qualified for both ECOCERT & COSMOS “Natural” certification. This ingredient is known as the “smart long-term skin hydrator” because it helps transport moisture where it is needed most for the best results.

Alteromonas Ferment Extract is a natural ingredient that is obtained by the use of blue biotechnology processing. This powerful exopolysaccharide survival molecule is sustainable and eco-friendly, with the ability to thrive under the extreme conditions found in the depths of the ocean. This unique ingredient can help stimulate cell renewal and suppress skin inflammation in both sensitive and reactive skin types. 

Soy bean oil and polymer wax is based on Nobel-prize winning technology and is manufactured from 100% plant base oils, with 99% bio-renewable carbon. GMO and allergen free, this multi-functional polymer wax and oil is one of the best sources of high quality phospholipids, the benefits of which are the enhancement of the skin’s overall quality and appearance.

Jojoba Oil is sustainably, responsibly and securely sourced. It is a unique vegan approved “liquid wax”, that is manufactured using no genetically modified organisms (GMO) and is gluten-free. Jojoba oil is rich in omega-9 fatty acids and phytosterols and contains a natural form of vitamin E which has powerful anti-oxidant properties. This unique ingredient helps protect the skin against free radical damage (ROS) by neutralizing ROS’s that are present in the environment, whilst increasing skin surface hydration to help prevent the loss of moisture.

Vitamin E is GMO, Phthalate and Vegan Free, and meets all requirements of the relevant monographs of USP. FCC and Ph.Eur, it can help avoid breakouts thanks to its natural antimicrobial function. 

Natural Polysaccharide (pullulan, xanthan, sclerotium gum) with lecithin has been sustainably developed with respect to the environment; it is bio-degradable, with an excellent safety profile and low eco-toxicity rating to meet today’s demand for eco-friendly products. This ingredient aids in reinforcing skin barrier function and preserving skin integrity, whilst helping to restructure, repair and enhance moisturisation of the skin.

About Us - Our Creator

Erica de Kock is the creator of an extensive range of face and body care products using Naatium Oleam. As a cosmetic scientist and founder, developer and designer in her own right, who is constantly searching for ground-breaking solutions that will transform the properties of the skin

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Erica de Kock

Cosmetic Consultant

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